CNC working center Donatoni Quadrx
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CNC working center Donatoni Quadrx

Brand: Donatoni
Model: Quadrix SPD 1200
Number of interpolated axis: 5
Spindle type:
Spindle power: Kw 30 S1
Maximun disc diameter: mm. 1200
Blade rotation with inverter: Yes
Stroke X axis: mm. 4000
Stroke Z axis: Mm 1200
Stroke Y axis: mm. 2500
Axis C: 0°- 370°
Axis B: 0°- 90°
Tool magazin positions: Manual
Tool coupling: Iso 50
Software Cad Cam: Esa
Optional: Tilting bench
Year of costruction: 2009
Working hours:
Conditions: Excellent
Weight of the machine: Ton. 9.5
Overall dimensions: mm.
Energy consumption: Kw 40
Voltage: V.400 Hz 50
Availability: Except for the sold
Location: Italy

N.B. The data are simply indicative