Waterjet CMS Brembana  Milestone 1740

Waterjet CMS Brembana Milestone 1740

Brand: CMS Brembana
Model: Milestone 1740
Axis interpolated: 5
Dimensions of the work: mm.4.000x 1.700
Max thickness of work: mm. 150
Working hours: 400
Motor power high pressure pump: Hp 60
High pressure pump model: JetPowerEvo
Optional: Full
Year of costruction: 2016
Conditions: Perfect, equal to the new
Weight of the machine: Ton. 4
Overall dimensions: 5.900x3.900
Energy consumption: Hp 60
Voltage: V.400 Hz 50
Availability: Except for the sold
Location: Italy

N.B. The data are simply indicative