Line resin and polishing marble slabs Simec
lucidalastre simec
linea lastre simec

Line resin and polishing marble slabs Simec

Brand: Simec
Max working width: mm. 2.000
Sens of working: From left to right
Automatic plate feeder with suction cups (rapid)
Fifth wheel and roller conveyor
Polishing machine with 6 spindles width 200cm
Roller conveyors and fans
Drying and preheating ovens with swanks lamps on roller conveyor
Filling zone on roller conveyor
Drying oven after chewing with swanks lamps
Polishing machine with 14 spindles width 200cm
Roller conveyor fan and brush
Automatic suction cup arrester (rapid) with fifth wheel
Availability subject to sale
Year of costruction: 1966
Conditions: Good
Availability:Except for the sold
Voltage: V.380 Hz 50
Location: Italy

N.B. The data are simply indicative